Filmoteka Muzeum

22x is Robakowski’s first assemblage film, made in 1971. It was made in the course of classes the artist taught at the Łódź Film School to students of the Łódź Fine Arts College. Robakowski gave each of the students several metres of unexposed filmstock and asked them to conduct on it whatever material procedures they liked. The students ‘scratched’ their ‘films’ chiefly with cutters and chisels. They also manipulated the film’s ‘optical sound strip’ which gave the work a very interesting, ‘material’ soundtrack.

The resulting 22 works were subsequently edited by Robakowski into a single sequence. On the one hand, 22x was a non-camera ‘material’ film typical for the Workshop of Film Form, similar, for instance, to Test I and Test II, also by Robakowski. On the other, it constituted one of the first attempts to produce an ‘objective’ cinematic presentation of an artistic community.

Year: 1971
Duration: 5'24"
Language: no language
Source: 35 mm

© Józef Robakowski