Filmoteka Muzeum

Etude for Cymbals is an attempt, similar in nature to 12 Coca-Cola Tones, at generating an error in the viewer’s perception system.

In order to create audiovisual disturbances the artist relies here on percussion instruments: bongo drums and cymbals. When he hits the cymbals, the soundtrack goes mute. However, the rustle???? of film stock is not reduced, which gives an extra dimension to the aural layer of the work.

The film belongs to classic formal exercises with the medium of film from that period – the point is to make the viewer experience something close to irritation. Already the title heralds an ironic game with the viewer and a suggestion that the matter will concern the problem of audibility and inaudibility.

Furthermore, what seems interesting from a purely aesthetic perspective is the very frame of the static video shot. Both the author and the drums are pushed to the right side of the frame, thus generating short circuits in the visual fluency of reception.

References: (tes),Malowane kamerą “Dziennik zachodni”, Katowice, 14.04.1993; J. Thomas, G. Zgraja, Videoobrazy, transl. S. Zgraja, Galeria Kronika, Art Centre in Bytom, cat. nr 8/93, Bytom 1993.


Year: 1976
Duration: 4'45''
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Grzegorz G. Zgraja

Acquisition date: Aug 11, 2011
Acquisition: deposit
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