True art- true prison

  • True art- true prison

Yet another event in the agenda of the 7th edition of Bródno Sculpture Park is the inauguration of the Park’s subsidiary in Warszawa-Gorchów Detention Centre.

The project, organized by the „Dom Kultury” Foundation is a true inversion of the Bródno exhibition: instead of an open, public space it takes place within a closed institution with strict rules of admission for visitors. In the the detention centre there will be sculptures, installations and plant compositions.

The project is a continuation of a cycle of artistic workshops with the participation of female prisoners of the Grochów centre, conducted by Paweł Althamer, Paulina Pałka Antoniewicz, Artur Żmijewski, Rafał Żwirek, Janek Bajtlik and the “Reaktor - Laboratorium Rzeźby” group, among others. The footage from the Sculpture Park’s prison subsidiary opening will be available on July 5th in Bródno Park.

"Dom Kultury“ Foundation engages in cultural education. It is focused on bringing culture and education to the environments that do not have an easy access to them, for example to the children that come from families in danger of exclusion or adults serving their prison sentence. The foundation is a travelling house of culture. It runs artistic, multicultural and social education and also it promotes a 'work at rudiments' attitude. It works with artists, culture animators, educators and and social workers. 

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